Women Employment in Urban Public Transport Sector

WISE - Work Meetings

Work Meetings will be realized by five visits done by the steering in five companies of five different EU countries. The five cities preselected are: Berlin, Helsinki, Antwerp, Sofia, Bucharest. A guide of discussion during these visits will be developed and established, a scheme and timetable of the visits will care for comparable circumstances.
The Work Meetings will be organized in order to have a direct contact with the situation of the strategies of five public transport companies concerning the women employment and to see the implication of the social partners in the elaboration and the implementation and the follow-up of these strategies as far as they have been involved in this process by the management of the companies. The activities during each of the stay in the companies are:
  • meeting of the Steering Committee members with the management and the works councils (alternatively with members of the national trade union) of the company,
  • discussion of the company’s strategy concerning women employment,
  • separate meeting with the company’s management,
  • separate meeting with the (company’s) trade unions,
  • meeting with representatives of the local authority in charge of the transport,
  • meeting with local work agencies.