Women Employment in Urban Public Transport Sector

WISE - Work Meetings: Sofia

On the 07th/08th of July 2011, for the fourth Work Meeting, the Steering Committee has visited Sofia in Bulgaria. This second-to-last Work Meeting with the local public transport institutions has been another important step for our WISE-project. It has given an interesting insight into the urban public transport industry in Sofia and Bulgaria.
Participants of this Work Meeting included representatives of the City of Sofia, two urban public transport companies “Stolichen Electritransport EAD” and “Metropoliten EAD“, different trade unions as well as a local labour market expert.
On the evening of the first day, the WISE project team could recall their first meeting impressions and relax in a lakeview restaurant after a long meeting day.

Before the meeting: Sabine Trier (left) talks to Daniela Zlatkova; background left: E. Yordanova, A. Kühn,
Mari Vasarainen, G. Stock, background right: Emilia Ivanova (trade union Elekrotransport)

Local representatives of the companies and trade unions from left to right: Ivo Vassilev and Lyudmila Deinova
(Stolichen Electritransport), Dafinka Todorova, Diliana Stefanova and Iveta Victorova (Metropolitan),
Daniela Zlatkova (FTTUB)

WISE-Steering Committee at the start of the 1st day: E. Yordanova, S. Trier, S. Delmas, M. Vasarainen, J. Dekindt,
G. Stock, A. Kühn (from left to right)

A closer look at the meeting participants raising and answering
questions to exchange experiences

Emilia Ivanova (trade union Elekrotransport) and Pavel Dimov (trade union Metropolitan)

Diliana Stefanova and Iveta Victorova

Mari Vasarainen

Annick Dieu

Sabine Trier (speaking) and Annick Dieu

Marinela Angelescu (speaking) and Ines Schmidt

Impressions from the City of Sofia

The statue „Sofia“

National Theatre „Ivan Vasov“

Dinner at the restaurant

G. Stock and D. Zlatkova

I. Schmidt, S. Trier, M. Angelescu, B. Josephson