Women Employment in Urban Public Transport Sector

WISE - Work Meetings: Bucharest

The fifth and last Work Meeting of the WISE project took place on the 13th/14th February 2012 and was held in Bucharest, Romania. Apart from the WISE Steering Committee, the following organisations have taken part in the meeting: On the employer side: the public transport companies “RATB” (bus, trolley bus and tram operator) and “Metrorex” (metro operator); on the trade union side: “ATU Romania - Federation of Unions from Transport and Public Services”, “Free Trade Union of Metro Workers (USLM)” as well as the company trade unions of RATB and Metrorex. Further representatives include the Romanian “Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family” and the “National Confederation of Free Trade Unions in Romania (CNSLR FRATIA)”.

As a final pace within the project course, the Bucharest visit has provided lively discussions between the participating organizations and interesting insights into the situation of female employees and gender equality in the sector in Bucharest.

Similar to all other Work Meetings in the other cities, 10 female employees working in urban public transport companies have been interviewed in Bucharest, which meant a valuable addition to the Work Meeting’s outcome.

Jean Dekindt (left) next to the representatives of USLM: Maria Iusco, Marian Baragau, Florian Crisu,
Ciresica Haraga, Atena Sidor and Maria Ilina

Annick Dieu (left) next to Victoria Bacarin while presenting the RATB Union, right: Petra Bönnemann, Gereon Stock,
Andrea Dinkelmann, Mari Vasarainen

Andra Croitoru, (Ministry of Labour), Mariana Pavel (Metrorex), Jeny Lica, Vasile Petrariu,
Victoria Bacarin (RATB Union) and Daniela Zlatkova

Steering Committee Members with members of the USLM union

Company representatives: Marin Aldea and Mariana Pavel (Metrorex), Dinica Gabriela
and Madalina Stateciuc (RATB)

Representative of “CNSLR FRATIA” Ianos Georgescu (left) with some of the Steering Committee Members:
Petra Bönnemann, Gereon Stock, Andrea Dinkelmann, Mari Vasarainen, Jean Dekindt

The Work Meeting’s venue in the center of Bucharest with a snowy cover