Women Employment in Urban Public Transport Sector

WISE - Work Meetings: Antwerp

On the 27th/28th of June 2011, for the third Work Meeting, the Steering Committee has visited Antwerp in Flanders, Belgium. The discussion in the Flemish city with the local organizations was another interesting WISE-project visit providing a comprehensive insight into the urban public transport industry in Flanders.
Participants of this Work Meeting included representatives of the City of Antwerp, the Flemish urban public transport company "DeLijn", different trade unions as well as the VDAB as labour market expert. On the first day's evening, the EU-project team enjoyed the lovely city of Antwerp.

Meeting round in Antwerp: representatives of the trade unions (left) and the WISE-Steering Committee (right)

Representatives of DeLijn (from left to right: Christel Cannaerts, Marina Christiaens, Sofie Saelaert) and the trade
unions CGSP/ACOD: Evi Vervoort, ACV-Transcom: Ann van der Jeught and ACVLB: Natalie Aertssen, Els Madereel

Representatives of the City of Antwerp: Mr. Robert Voorhamme (right) and Mr. Stefan Rooms (left)

WISE-Steering Committee during the lively discussion in Flanders (from left to right: E. Yordanova, M. Angelescu,
J. Dekindt, M. Vasarainen, S. Delmas, A. Dieu, I. Schmidt, M. Weber-Wernz, A. Kühn)

Presentation of the VDAB-representatives Stefan Goos (left) and Annelies van Daele (right)
on the Flemish labour market